Agnes Girgás, oboe Professor at I. Széchenyi University, Győr, Hungary

Oboist Agnes Girgás has been professor at I. Széchenyi University
in Győr, Hungary since 2003. She studied at Debrecen Conservatory and the Ference Liszt Academy in Budapest. In 2005 she acquired her doctorate.
She has been a member of recognized orchestras:
from 1975 until 2000 with the Hungarian National Philharmonic
Orchestra (Oboe and English Horn), from 2000 until 2002 with the
Hungarian National Opera Orchestra, and during 2002-2008
with the Symphonic Orchestra of Hungarian Radio.
She has played together with the most prominent Hungarian chamber
orchestras since 1974, such as the Ference Liszt Chamber Orchestra
and the Budapest Festival Orchestra.
Marco Polo have published her CD of Donizetti's Concertino
for English Horn (8.223701).

In 1986 she received the prize of "The Best Musician of the Year"
and in 1996 the János Ferencsik Ring as the best orchestral musician.

József Vajda, bassoon Professor at F. Lizst Academy, Budapest, Hungary

Bassoonist József Vajda has been assistant professor for chamber
music with wind instruments at the Ference Liszt Academy in
Budapest; he also teaches bassoon at the Conservatory for Music.
He was educated at Béla Bártok Conservatory in Pécs and studied at the Ference Liszt Academy in Budapest.
From 1970 for the next 28 years he was a leading bassoonist in the Symphonic Orchestra of Hungarian Radio and a member of the Wind Quintet of Hungarian Radio, the winner of the first prize at the competition in Colmar.

He was a guest musician in the Ference Liszt Chamber Orchestra in Budapest. He is one of the founders of the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Chamber Orchestra.
He has played at numerous recordings and has a deep interest in contemporary music.

In 1981 he received the Ference Liszt award.

Franz Scherzer, oboe Solo Oboist in the Bruckner Orchestra, Linz, Austria

Franz Scherzer has been a solo oboist with the Bruckner Symphony Orchestra since 1986. He studied at the Mozarteum High School in
Salzburg, as a student of Prof. A. Jensen. He has won several
awards at Jugend musiziert national competitions.
He played with the Linz Jeunesse Orchestra and Camerata
Salzburg, and is a member of the Johann Strauss Ensemble as well
as of Salzburg Residenz-Solisten and of Chamber Soloists.
He exercised his great love for old and contemporary chamber
music by being a founder member of Octogon Ensemble, being
a member of the Oktavian Ensemble (numerous CDs and premières),
of the Pablo Wind Quintet and Linz Piano Trio (oboe, cello and piano).
As a soloist and orchestral musician of the Bruckner Orchestra,
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Salzburg Chamber Soloists, Salzburg
Chamber Orchestra and Actuell Ensemble, he has performed at a
number of festivals in Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria,
Germany and Japan.

He regularly takes part in competition commissions at Prima la
Musica, Gradus ad Parnassum; in 1998 he was e member of the
commission at the 18th International Competition of chamber music
in Trapani.

Paolo Calligaris, bassoon Solo Bassoonist in the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

Paolo Calligaris has been a solo bassoonist since 1997 with the
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and since 1995 a member of the
Slowind Wind Quintet. Before joining the Slovenian Philharmonic
orchestra he was the solo bassoonist with the Slovenian RTV
Symphonic Orchestra. He was educated at the Udine Conservatory
(Italy) with Prof. G. Grassi, went to study in Torino with Prof. V.
Menghini, and later in Castelfranco Veneto with Prof. Stefano Canuti.
He won numerous international competitions for chamber music
while playing with the Trio d'ance di Udine. He lectured for twenty
years at Carinthia Conservatory in Klagenfurt and participated at
Piran Summer School of Music for many years.

Official Accompanist: Luca Ferrini

Luca Ferrini studied piano, harpsichord, organ and organ composition
and graduated with distinction from the music conservatories in
Trieste and Udine. Over the last twenty years he has been playing concerts on all three instruments in Europe and elsewhere
(St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Cankarjev Dom and the Slovenian Philharmonic in Ljubljana, Musikverein Vienna, National Theatre of Malta, Budapest, Bucharest, Zagreb, Rome, Milan, Dublin, Philharmonic hall Ulan Bator, Seoul, etc.). He works with renowned musicians and conductors as a soloist,
chamber musician and with orchestras.
He is a member of ensembles both for ancient (I Musici della
Serenissima, Nova Academia, Ensemble Claviere, etc.)
and modern music (MD7 and Chamber orchestra KOS, with whom
forst performed more than 80 new works).

His large repertoire consists of works spanning from renaissance to contemporary music. In addition to his 17 CD recordings,
he has made numerous radio recordings with a variety of European broadcasting companies. He is official accompanist at summer academies, seminars and international competitions
(Belgium, Austria, Italy, Slovenia). He has taught at the National
Conservatories in Trieste, Udine, Brescia, Salerno, Klagenfurt,
Ljubljana (where he was also piano accompanist at the Academy of

His current post is professor of piano and harpsichord at the
Koper Secondary School for the Arts (Art Gymnasium).