Dear OFF-followers!

This year some of us will meet in Izola already for the fourth time, others might join
us for the first, second or third.....but this is perhaps not so important.
What is important is that we have the opportunity to reunite and that we make
the decision to do this. Together.The hospitality of the town Izola and the goodwill
and openness of the locals is more than praiseworthy and inspiring. They support us,
visit our concerts and breathe with us. It inspires me and I also find personal
encouragement for my own work in what we create together in Izola: not only music,
just having the same interest and a wish to acquire new knowledge, experiences and
make new acquaintances. This is good, this is interesting.
This is something which we alone choose, of course only if the opportunity is offered to us.

To decide to participate in OFF in Izola means you have the privilege of making
a good decision. Atmosphere and music always make people.
Decide to come and we will be very happy to see you!

Maja Kojc

Organisation: Maja Kojc, Vesna Popović, Nenad Firšt, Michael Tavernaro (www)