Please check all the necessary data in the entry form. Please also enclose a photocopy of your valid
personal ID document as evidence of your age and a photocopy of proof of fee payment.

Please send the entry form and the evidence to the following address:

Glasbena šola Krško
Kolodvorska 2, 8270 Krško, Slovenia

The deadline for entries is 11th March 2011 (date of postal stamp). Entries received after this date will
be considered by the commission.The selection of the compositions stated on the entry form will be
final. Subsequent changes of the programme will not be considered. The compositions selected by the
competitor may be performed on another instrument within the instrument family – oboists on the English horn or oboe d‘amore, bassoon players on the contra-bassoon.Candidates are allowed to compete in a higher age category. Competitors will be selected in alphabet order; the starting letter will be drawn.

The organiser will publish the time-table of the competition not later than 7 days prior to the beginning
of the competition on the following websites:www.off-play-on.si and www.gs-krsko.si

The competitors have to make sure they learn about the time-table from the internet or by contacting
the organiser. No competitor will be individually informed about the time-table.The competitors shall,
upon arrival, identify themselves by means of a valid personal ID document. In the event
of an excusable delay, the competition commission will determine a suitable additional time and/or date;
however, this can only be arranged during the time that the competitor‘s Category has not yet been completed.

Not later than one hour before the beginning of the competition of the relevant category, competitors
shall present 4 photocopies of the piano parts (scores for chamber groups) for the commission
members. The copies may be sent by post in advance to the address of the Krško Musical School.

All travelling costs and cost of accommodation shall be borne by the competitors.
The following hotel is recommended:
“Hotel City Krško”
Trg Matije Gubca 3, 8270 Krško, Slovenia
Telephone: +386 7 488 03 33, +386 7 492 18 40
Fax: +386 7 488 03 13
e-mail: info@city-hotel.si
http:// www.city-hotel.si/

A member of the commission who is related to a competitor or has been his/her mentor during the last
two years, shall not score such a competitor. Under extraordinary conditions, the commission shall
have the right to interrupt a competitor and request them to repeat the piece. The commission shall
have the right to interrupt the performer who has considerably exceeded the time limit prescribed.

The closing concert of the award-winners will be on 10th April 2011 at 19.00 in the Concert Hall of the
Krško Musical School

On this occasion the winners will receive their prizes. It is desirable that all
competitors attend the closing concert.The organizer shall not be held responsible to the competitors
and their escorts for potential risks related to injuries, thefts, etc. during the course of the competition.
By submitting an entry, the competitor acknowledges that he/she is familiar with the rules of the
competition and that he/she is willing to accept certain changes that the organizer or the commission
may undertake under exceptional conditions. The organizer reserves the right to take an audio or
video recording and shall not be liable to pay any compensation to competitors.